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Virginia By-Products Group

The Virginia By-Products Group (VBG) is a program that has been developed by the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) and partner Environmental Solutions Inc. (ESI). The two organizations, with the support of the Center of Innovative Technology (CIT) , explore beneficial uses for business by-products. ESI serves as the VBG technical broker and transaction facilitator.

Who Can Participate in the Program?

Any business or organization with a by-product of their operation may list their materials in the database. In keeping the exchange open to all businesses and organizations, we believe there is a potential synergy between manufacturing, non-manufacturing and government facilities.

How Do You Get Started?

Simply Click here to add your information to the Virginia By-Products Group waste exchange and the process begins. You will be asked basic questions that will lead to the development of a product profile and a site visit may follow. ESI will further develop this product profile, which will include the characteristics of the material and regulatory barriers to an exchange. Additionally, an important benchmark established for reach participant is the economic evaluation and feasibility for the transaction.

What are the Benefits of the Program?

The strength of this program is cost avoidance or savings created by an exchange.