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K 100 Series Fuel Treatment

K 100-D for Truck | Diesel Performance, and fuel saver for fleet maintenance. Over 40 School Districts in New York use K 100 to keep fleet maintenance at its best. Transportation Supervisors and Fleet Maintenance supervisors report increased mileage, less smoke at idle, reduced carbon buildups, reduced tailpipe emissions, reduced fleet maintenance costs, and overall improvements in diesel and truck performance. K 100, a fuel saver, more than pays for itself by increasing fleet mpg. K 100 helps the transportation department fight the budget crunch and save on gas. Using K 100 helps truck performance by cutting down garage time, reducing morning warm up time, and keeping the morning air clear. Neighbors will love the improvement, as will your drivers. Treat your whole fleet by treating your storage tank year round. K 100 gets the water out and keeps it out-year round.

K 100-G formulated for gas operated vehicles from the family car to light trucks and SUVs, K100 - G is the best gasoline treatment you can use. K100 - G is formulated from organic compounds to bond with individual water molecules and make them combustible. Use of K100 - G will eliminate all water related problems. In addition to eliminating all water problems, K100 contains solvents to clean injectors and carburetors. It also contains a lubricating package to enhance engine life. The result - More Power, Better Mileage, and Less Emissions.

For complete details on the K-100 product line, visit: http://www.k100fueltreatment.com/main.html