Environmental Solutions, Inc.

13101 N. Enon Church Road Chester, VA 23836
Phone: 804-416-1150 Fax: 804-416-1158
Certified Women Business Enterprise #10721S / Class A Contractor License #2705022816A /
Specialty Fertilizer License Permit #59-18835

Company Overview

Since 1990, Environmental Solutions, Inc. (ESI) has dedicated itself to environmental technology advancement for the benefit of organizational objectives relating to Environmental Management Solutions, or EMS . Our focus is on developing and commercializing technologies and processes that can be deployed in the implementation of innovative environmental solutions. Since our inception, we have successfully managed projects and identified solutions for numerous waste streams including:

Paper Sludge
Wood Ash
Scrap Metals
Harbor Dredge
Fiber Waste
Tobacco Dust

Tobacco Sludge
Grit Blast Residues
Brake Shoe Dust
Wood Waste
Remediated Soils
Agricultural Wastes

Coal Ash
Biosolids Ash
Peanut Shells
Concrete Debris
Waste Plastics
Food Wastes
Fiber Waste

By guiding and managing innovative waste stream projects, ESI has earned a reputation for its commitment to environmental and organizational excellence, becoming a trusted, long-term advisor for clients, and providing ground-breaking solutions. Depending on where an organization is in the EMS process, ESI can take on the role of Manager Trainer, Innovative Solutions Provider, or Visionary Consultant. To view the entire Corporate Brochure, visit the Resources page, or download a copy here.