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Nutri-Green® Compost

If you are located east of Williamsburg, VA, you can obtain additional information regarding Nutri-Green® Compost, by contacting Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) at 757-460-4276 or visit http://www.hrsd.com/nutrigreen.htm . Nutri-Green® Compost is produced from wastewater biosolids by the natural process of biological decomposition called composting. Valuable nutrients and organic material from HRSD's wastewater treatment plants are naturally recycled into a product that is a beneficial soil conditioner and plant food supplement.

How does Nutri-Green® work?

  • Increases the ability of sandy soil to hold water
  • Improves the drainage of heavy clay soil
  • Enhances the aeration of heavy clay soil
  • Provides long-lasting essential plant nutrients
  • Weed free
  • Neutral pH

Nutri-Green® Can Be Used to:

  • Establish a new lawn
  • Top-dress an existing lawn
  • Establish new or existing flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • Mend small bare spots
  • Plant ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Make enriched potting soil

Where to find Nutri-Green® Compost

Nutri-Green® Compost is available in bulk and in 40-pound bags at some Hampton Roads area garden centers.