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Since 1990, Environmental Solutions, Inc. (ESI) has developed programs and implemented projects that focus on waste minimization and reduction utilizing beneficial use alternatives. To provide further success for organizations, ESI has created several successful ESP2 programs – AIM™, CAIR, ™, SEEK™, and BUDI™.

ESI utilizes the next generation of environmental management solutions for industry and government—ESP2. ESP2 is based on the recognition that effective and continuous environmental management is essential to the long-term sustainability of US manufacturing. We believe that industry must move toward using less onerous materials in its processes and view the recyclability of waste at the beginning of and throughout the manufacturing process in order to remain competitive.

The ESP2 program was developed to assist manufacturers with the development and implementation of strategic environmental management programs. The ESP2 program consists of four modules, but is designed to be flexible so clients may begin at any point in the process and use as many of the modules as desired. AIM™ – Alternative Intelligent Materials
Through the AIM™ (Alternative Intelligent Materials) Program , ESI assists a client with the evaluation of the manufacturing process and the selection of raw materials used in production, and how these choices can be made more effectively, environmentally sound, and economically more efficient. To facilitate this sensitive and complex program, ESI partners with top ranking professionals in the field working hand-in-hand with the client to evaluate the targeted processes or raw materials, taking into consideration the economics, technology, and processing requirements. ESI provides a recommendation to the client on reducing the creation of the waste and/or the most environmentally friendly methods of reuse or recycling of waste materials.

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CAIR™ – Competitive Aspects and Impacts Review
The CAIR™, Competitive Aspects and Impacts Review Program , supports the clients' existing EMS program buy using it as a means of accelerating the successful implementation of solutions identified as targets by the client. ESI will review the specific initiatives and will make recommendations on how projects may be structured using the latest environmental, technological, operational, and economic solutions

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SEEK™ – Systematic Environmental Evaluation Knowledgebase
Through the SEEK™ (Systematic Environmental Evaluation Knowledgebase) Program , ESI draws on experience in structuring beneficial use projects incorporating a variety of innovative and technological solutions to beneficially use industrial and municipal wastes. ESI's access to technology, the availability of economic models, our network of manufacturers that seek alternative raw materials in the form of by-products, and ESI's successful track record in managing projects from vision to operation brings a unique capability that is unmatched in the industry

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BUDI™ – Beneficial Use Designation Implementation
Finally, the BUDI™ (Beneficial Use Designation Implementation) Program is a proprietary program developed by ESI to address the challenge that solutions to beneficial uses of wastes are as varied as the numbers of wastes that are generated. ESI facilitates the selection of one of two paths of beneficial use for waste – Brokering (where ESI brings together two parties in a mutually beneficial relationship) or Design/Build/Operate based on client resources and needs.

Brokering – Through its network of partners, ESI may recommend brokering wastes between two parties to achieve maximized, mutually beneficial use. The generator of the waste will realize a savings as a result of cost avoidance or, in some cases, may actually be paid a fee for renewable raw materials. The user will benefit from the identification of a source of renewable raw materials that offer consistency at a reduced cost. In this brokering arrangement, ESI will charge a success fee based on the saving to both parties that is then shared with the Virginia Manufacturers Association in a partnership to provide improved solutions for the industry.

Design / Build / Operate – ESI may determine novel methods to agglomerate diverse wastes that, by themselves, may not be recyclable due to economics or characteristics. However, when viewed as a blend of raw materials, may result in a new product or even the creation of a new business opportunity. ESI has experience in combining materials, applying technology solutions and structuring business deals to develop new products, technologies, or even the establishment of a business that provides economic development opportunities for the community. Large-scale projects such as these require financial, business technology, regulatory and manufacturing analyses. ESI is equipped to guide the design and development phases of a project and will engage the appropriate resources to achieve the objectives and has experience in fully implementing projects, obtaining the proper permitting, acquiring capital equipment ,setting up manufacturing facilities, and operating the business, itself. Based on feasibility, revenue sharing or joint venture opportunities will be established to facilitate project development and implementation.

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ESI's depth and breadth of experience and longevity in the industry makes all this possible. Large Scale projects such as these require extensive financial, business, technology, regulatory, and manufacturing analyses. ESI is equipped to guide the design and development phases of a project and will engage the appropriate in-house or partner resources to achieve the objectives. We have experience in fully implementing projects, obtaining the proper permitting, acquiring capital equipment, setting up manufacturing facilities, and operating the business. We have also developed product formulations, carried out the branding of products, created distribution networks and acquired the capital for the start up of a new business. To facilitate project development and implementation, ESI has established unique revenue sharing programs or joint venture opportunities, where feasible.